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Rody's Angelica Editor (aka Elements Editor) — is an advanced file editor for the games on Angelica Engine. All of editors are supports the multi-editing, item icons, advanced search, import, export and merging, and interact with each other. With those tools your server manufacturing process will be maximum comfortable. RAE provides a thousandfold acceleration of work and saving time and your nerves in comparison with shared editors.
The base features list
  • Editing support for data-files of most Angelica Engine games:
    • Perfect World, Forsaken World (Dark Age), Jade Dynasty, Heroes of Three Kingdom (Chibi) and Ether Saga Odyssey
    • Perfect World, Forsaken World
    • Forsaken World
    • Perfect World
    • Forsaken World, Jade Dynasty
    • Also UdE allow to edit item_ext_desc.txt and item_color.txt for all this games.
  • Load and display item images for the items, game shop and quests
  • Import, export, merge or synchronizing any lists between any files
  • Searching and displaying item references (entries) in,, and files
  • The multi-editing of all values
  • Advanced search with values replace function
  • Recalculating numeric values (for example increase stats of any item in 1.5 times)
  • Replacing text data (names, descriptions, etc.)
  • Probabilities editor with smart recalculating nearby values (equip addons, monsters drop, etc.)
  • New items auto generator (Perfect World only):
    • Recipes generator from any items (matters)
    • Fashion weapon and armor generator
    • Pets egg generator
  • Item octets generator for PW (for iWeb, ronny's PWAdmin or PWAdmin by alexdnepro)
  • Visual (WYSIWYG) editor for recipes and sales with 'smart' sorting (for PW)
  • View models of the model of weapons, armor, NPC, monsters, hairstyles, etc.
  • Interaction with a server via SSH (sending files to a server, restart a server)
  • Refactoring (changing item ID in all entries in all files)
  • Automatic correction, if it contains any errors: incorrect drop or craft probability, missing items etc.
  • Correlates with: PWAdmin by alexdnepro, tasks editor by JoLan (Perfect Quest Editor) and sTASKedit by Rey35
  • Has function to translate selected items to any language with the Bing Translator or the Yandex.Translator
  • Unlimited undo/redo (Ctrl+Z) for the editor
  • protection function that prevents editing file with any other share elements editor
List of differences from UdE
  • The "core" of the editor is redesigned
  • Significantly improved program performance
  • [PW] Added fully support for v183, v184, v190, v191
  • [JD] Added support for v158, v160
  • Added the ability to set custom field types (including the attached sheet)
  • Added the ability to set custom names of lists and fields
  • Added displaying the total number of references (entries) for items directly in the item list
  • Significantly improved tips (tooltip):
    • Added displaying the references of monsters/NPCs and mines in files
      • The editor loads the files from all maps and fill references for each monster, NPC and mine
      • In addition to the files, the editor also loads the precinct.clt files (in which the area markup is indicated), and in the references besides the location and coordinates it displays the name of the territory on which the mob is located (for example, "The City of a Thousand Streams") (this development has no analogues)
    • Added displaying the references from quests (
    • In general, the information in the tips became much more informative and compact
  • Rewritten and greatly improved the references searching algorithm:
    • Added the references searching in all files with more accurate information about the location of the NPC/Monster from the precinct.clt files
    • Many more sources have been added for the references from the files,, and
    • Added ability to search by the number of the references (for example, now you can find all the unused addons)
  • The refactoring function has been improved (replacing the element ID in all files):
    • Added refactoring for all files
    • Now you can refactoring within individual files
  • Added support for the instance.txt file
  • Added support for the world_targets.txt file
  • Added hints for the quests
  • Added highlighting of elements with an occupied ID red in the items list
  • The shortcuts now saved to a hard disk and is not reset after the program is restarted
  • Added the ability to specify arbitrary colors in item_color (provided that the client made the corresponding edits)
  • Added the displaying of individual icons (TGA and DDS) from the packages of surfaces.pck and facedata.pck
  • Searching for a unique ID, as well as searching for duplicate IDs throughout the file is accelerated hundreds of times
  • Now, when going forward/backward, when the Ctrl key is pressed, the element will move to the previous/next list in the navigation history
  • Added the program auto-update function
  • The fields displayed in the tooltip are now configured in the PW_HintFields.csv file
  • Improved synchronization functions
  • editors for PW and FW are improved
  • A little redesign of the advanced search has been made
  • The algorithm of error search is updated
  • Improved algorithm for reading unknown versions of
  • Internal security improvements program
  • Redesigned program settings window
  • When you click the middle mouse button, all fields with a similar name are automatically selected (for example, all addons)
  • Foxed a communication with the sTASKedit by Rey35
  • Improved support for Windows 10
  • Created the Discord сhat
  • [PW] Added full support for new versions of (up to 140 inclusive)
  • [PW] Added quest icons
  • [PW] Improved the "go to the quest" function in the sTASKedit by Rey35
  • [PW] Added icons for mines (resources)
  • [PW] Implemented display the icons of hairstyles, titles, images of cards and other
  • A lot of other fixes
Pricing and discounts for UdE users
Elements editor for PW:
  • 14 days - 15 USD
  • 30 days - 19 USD
  • 60 days - 34 USD
  • 90 days - 47 USD
  • 180 days - 74 USD
  • 360 days - 95 USD
  • Special price for UdE users is 39$ for the first nine months and then for a regular price.
Elements and game shop editors for PW:
  • 14 days - 19 USD
  • 30 days - 24 USD
  • 60 days - 42 USD
  • 90 days - 59 USD
  • 180 days - 89 USD
  • 360 days - 135 USD
  • Special price for UdE users is 39$ for the first nine months and then for a regular price (only if you've purchased the elements + gshop editors earlier)
Elements and game shop editors with the bridge sTASKedit by Rey35 for PW + domain2 editor + Model Viewer (ALL ADDITIONAL MODULES ARE INCLUDED):
  • 14 days - 25 USD
  • 30 days - 39 USD
  • 60 days - 69 USD
  • 90 days - 89 USD
  • 180 days - 139 USD
  • 360 days - 179 USD
  • Special price for UdE users is 49$ for the first nine months and then for a regular price (only if you've purchased the elements + gshop editors and the main modules earlier)

Special thanks to: Rey35, JoLan and 911.

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