Chat autoban

Simple chat autoban based on real-time chat log parsing.
Supports black and white lists

Principle of operation:
- all spaces and punctuation marks are removed from the message and the entire text is all lowercase (for example it was: Hello to all!, will become - hellotoall
- the first is a white list check, if there is a match between a part of the line and the white list - the message will be ignored
- the second check follows the black list, if there is a match - a ban is issued depending on the program settings (for each type of chat you can set your own ban time)
- if the cumulative system of bans is turned on, the time of each next ban of the account will be added to the previous

System requirements: mono-complete

Template for processes_config.ini PWAdmin:

The configuration of this program is focused on Russian-speaking users, so it may not be clear to everyone!
  • Posted: 2019-07-15 20:43:47
  • Author: alexdnepro
  • Full version price: 10.00$ USD