PWAdmin - control and monitoring system PW server

PWAdmin — server monitoring and management system.


Current version: 5.2

Please note! This program is not IWeb modification (as PWAdmin by Rony) but absolutly new standalone software.

Supported languages: Russian, English, Portuguese

Main Features:

  • Monitoring workload of the server machine
  • Online monitoring
  • Monitoring GM
  • View / Edit Characters
  • Change login, password, name, e-mail account
  • Viewing / editing factions
  • Start / stop / autostart instances and other processes
  • Restarting server processes
  • Cleaning the cache
  • Add / Remove GM's Rights
  • Adding cubigold
  • Send messages to chat
  • Sending items to in-game mail to players
  • Mass ban / unban accounts
  • Search for accounts and characters
  • View players mail
  • View last chat and trade logs
  • Editing and exporting startup characters
  • Creating a backup database / server
  • Add / Remove players from faction
  • Reading information about items from their octets
  • View the list of players online, as well as count the number of unique IP
  • Control TW through the debug command
  • View information about territories
  • Management server parameters (rates, drop and other)
  • Sending a gold / item to selected / all online players, selected / all faction players, to all online players with unique IP
  • View / edit the player's user storehouse
  • Player renaming (in the list of account roles)
  • Saving and copying character sections
  • Change the level of the character with the recount of the stats
  • The editor of various role octets
  • And many other useful functions

Minimum requirements: Windows Vista or higher

Free demo version with limited functionality >>

  • Posted: 2017-02-09 18:22:11
  • Author: alexdnepro
  • Full version price: 150.00$ USD
  • Timed version price: 10.00$ USD / 1 month
  • Minimal period: 1 month