Personal cabinet for PW (version 3)

Personal cabinet for Perfect World (version 3)

Personal cabinet (version 3)

Differences from version 2:
  • 90% rewritten code client and server parts
  • integrated extended referral system
  • the ability to add cabinet functionality through plugins, without interfering with the main code
  • included 7 payment merchants with the ability to use them all at once or to choose from (FreeKassa, Enot, BetaTransfer, PayPal, PrimePayments, Lava, PayPalych)
  • included 4 voting ratings (MMOTOP.RU, MOUNTY.TOP, MMORPG.TOP, MMORATE.COM)
  • automatic google translator for foreign players
  • installer for client and server parts with database migration (no more need to upload sql manually)
  • redesigned Shop section with the ability to send gifts
  • undelivered game mails are no longer lost and can be retrieved later in a special section of the personal account
  • instead of replacing classes for authd, now there is a separate proxy server that can be used with any type of authd without interfering with its files
  • clan icons are now cloned into the client part of the personal account to work with the launcher without additional requests to the server
  • captcha at login and new types of captcha
  • character class display when selected from the list
  • many minor changes in the design of almost all sections
  • and much more

Main language of this panel is Russian and most of payment merchants and voting ratings are oriented for this region

Requirements for the server part:
  • php from 5.6.3 to 7.4 installed ioncube libs in web php and php-cli

Requirements for the client part:
  • php 7.0 or higher

You can see an example here: (the demo version includes some paid add-ons)
Login: admin
Password: admin

You can register the character account yourself if you want to look at the panel as player.

  • Posted: 2022-07-26 17:48:58
  • Author: alexdnepro
  • Timed version price: 20.00$ USD / 1 month
  • Minimal period: 1 month